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10 Inspiring Mobile App Interfaces |

Mobile interface designers are in demand these days, because of the increase in the number of mobile users across the globe. This has resulted in a large number of mobile-optimized websites. Numerous designers prefer to create a full featured app instead or just focusing on a mobile one.

10 Brilliant Landing Pages for Mobile Apps |

Landing pages are created for a variety of reasons. These include to generate leads, to tease a new product or service, to offer a freebie or even to ask your users questions pertaining to your brand. If you have created a mobile app, you may know just how important a clear and professional landing page

Overcoming the Challenges of BYOD |

By now, almost everyone in the business community has heard of the BYOD or Bring your own device phenomenon, where you actually bring your own digital devices (laptops, smartphons, etc.) to work You’ve also probably heard that forbidding BYOD is an ineffective way to protect your company against the security risks that BYOD presents.

Top 10 Mobile App Development Firms of 2017 |

With so many mobile app development companies listed in Google SERPs already, it is not easy to find the best one if you are looking for a good mobile app for your business. That is why you need to have a list of the top companies in the world that deal with mobile app development.

10 Simple Tools for Building Mobile Apps Fast |

Every business and ecommerce company today needs to build a mobile app. Modernity has affected how businesses were being operated in the past, and today there is a greater need for an online presence than anything else. This is because a large portion of information is now being accessed on mobile devices

Top 10 Frameworks for Mobile Development |

Frameworks are defined as complex software development environments. They include many sub-components, whose main work is to help you create your applications. Frameworks come with a number of tool sets, debuggers, compilers, different code libraries, application programming interfaces and other components. Working together, they are all meant to make work easier for app developers.

Hybrid vs Native Mobile App Development: Where to Begin? |

There are many approaches to developing mobile applications. It is important to understand not only the technical differences between Hybrid and Native apps, but also how such an app will affect your business, your development team and your clients. There are many articles on Hybrid vs Native Mobile App Development that cover issues

Setting your Mobile App KPIs |

The mobile app market is growing at an alarming rate. More people are choosing to go mobile in order to access the web even while they are on the move. There is so much that mobile app developers should do in order to take over the competition and acquire much of their users’ attention.

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