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Skills You Need To Become A Web Designer |

Website design is not a simple career, it requires diversity. It requires one to have all the skills that increase his/her creativity. For a long time, people have opted to be website designers then progress to become web developers because of the kind of skills that are imparted on the person during the learning period.

10 Web Design Trends from 2015 That Are Still Hot |

Web Design Trends continues to evolve with the times, and has grown in leaps and bounds since 2015. However, there are some things that were so epic in 2015, that they continue as trends to date. As you are looking to design a website, it helps for you to look at the past, while moving

10 Inspirational E-commerce Websites for Web Designers |

The internet has changed the way people shop, and now more people are shopping online rather than offline. Ecommerce websites are therefore some of the popular websites you will find on the web today. A lot of businesses are now online and startups are starting with websites in order to define their online presence.

Top 5 Website Builders With Responsive Design In Mind |

Online technologies do not remain static. They require constant developing to provide for the growing needs of users, who cannot imagine their everyday life without mobile devices. Have you ever noticed how many people around you use their tablets, smartphones and other gadgets on the go to solve their personal or business problems?

Figma vs Sketch The Better Web Design Tool |

Web design tools are very important because they are meant to make the work of a designer easier and more effective. They come with tons of tools that will take you in every step of web design, therefore designing becomes easy and less time consuming. The world of web design tools is not static

10 Design Trends That Will Save You Time |

Web designers often work on multiple projects and don’t have the time to spend days on each project, which is why they must save as much money as they can. No one wants to take longer than necessary on just one project. Furthermore, excellent management of time makes the design process easier.

Choosing the Best Responsive Design Framework |

There are enough frameworks for designers and front end developers to choose from these days, most of which are ready for prototyping and implementation. You will get the best comprehensive frameworks as well as those that are light in weight, anything that you need for your next project.

10 Web Design Fails and How to Overcome Them |

Web designers are constantly making mistakes but this does not mean that they are not at all good. Even the most experienced professionals in any industry make mistakes, because to err is human, as the great saying goes. Making mistakes and learning from them is a great way to succeed in the future.

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